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Student Artist Spotlight: Lackhoney

By Carter Johan, Managing Editor

This month’s student artist spotlight is Lackhoney! We’ve included some tidbits of information we learned about them in our interview:

⁃How did you form the band?

I was lucky early on in college to get connected to VRS (Vanderbilt Recording Studio) and some of the artists, producers, and engineers over there. Over the first two years of college that was my home on Friday and Saturday nights where I’d record from 6:00 pm until 7:00 am. Thankfully, Allan Fine connected me with Matt Anderson. Matt’s an incredible artist who was doing a house show at his mayfield. They said they needed a rapper to help out with a couple of the songs they were performing and I was excited to get involved. It was sick because they had what looked like a professional setup with an entire band on the tiny mayfield balcony. It’s still to this day one of my favorite things I’ve done in college. A lot of those guys who were playing at the show ended up saying yes when I needed a band to perform at some shows on campus. We’ve grown together and adapted the group a bit over time and now those guys are some of my best friends.

⁃Why is music important to you/what are your favorite parts of creating music?

Music is important to me on a level that I don’t have the words yet to explain. There’s something about music that inspires a level of focus and happiness from me that I’ve never experienced before. At least not this consistently. I’m the only guy in the room usually that’s willing to not sleep in service of whatever song we’re working on at the moment. Those moments where the most important thing in the world is the song and all of my thoughts and energies are channeled into it. That’s my favorite part of the creative process.

⁃Who are your strongest influences?

Tierra Whack is amazing, I love Billie Eilish’s production and lyricism, Drake’s consistency is amazing to me. Dude, Queen is amazing, I don’t understand how Freddie just wrote all of those songs. Overall, I’m a huge fan of all music and creative mediums. I listen to a ton of music from every musical artist you could imagine but I also have interests in photography and videography. I always have a sense of what colors and images would suit my music the best. I’m not synesthetic, but every time I talk to my roommate, Knowledge (who has synesthesia), I’m usually on the same page as him in terms of color to sound matches.

⁃Any plans/goals for the year?

Yes, my goal is to release 50 songs this year, 30 music videos and create a live show experience that’s immersive and uplifting. Last year and the year before were years of growth and learning.  I taught myself how to write my own songs, produce them, then recently over the past 8 months I’ve been teaching myself how to mix and master audio to get every song I release polished and ready to compete on a large scale. I’m a big proponent of eliminating outside dependencies. I’m at a place where I can create a song from inception of an idea to release on my own. Now it’s beautiful because I can collaborate when I think somebody’s talent is incredible, not out of necessity or survival. I’ve been working on two projects and shooting a ton of videos to release. I see all these moves as tools to achieve my larger aim of connecting with more people to uplift them.

If you want to follow Lackhoney for updates you can find them at the following places:

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