Listen to Our Poets Read Their Work

Listen to Our Poets Read Their Work

It is so powerful to hear writers read their works aloud, speaking their words how they intended them to be heard and enjoyed by audiences. We’ve collected audio recordings of our poets reading their work aloud to capture their unique voices. Please enjoy and feel free to follow along with the pieces in our magazine.

From Our Poets

Lorrie Axelrod reading Stop Painting the Trees

Clara McMillan reading Rosemary

Zoe Pehrson reading Top Surgery

Carrie Martinez-Schmidt reading Proper Sleep Hygiene for the Homeward Bound

Kirsten Koelher reading The Man on the Table

Carrie Martinez-Schmidt reading Epigenetic Inheritance

Zoe Pehrson reading Keep

Clara McMillan reading Ten Years After June

Read along while you listen by viewing their poems (and so much more) in the magazine.

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