Fading Moments of The Kiss

Fading Moments of The Kiss

Francesco Hayez, The Kiss

Stolen moments of segregated silence 

meet these lovers in a breath of peace.

Savoring the halo of light, 

the man and woman embrace.

For a moment, their revolution romance

is the center of their world.

Stars, moon, and sun align

to watch these lovers kiss,

as if it is their last time.

But time is fleeting; danger 

approaches like ocean tides.

The man prepares for flight,

his foot perched on the step, ready to leave

at a moment’s notice.

Garbed in blue skies and sapphire,

the woman is held in his arms,

letting his hands guide their love

into ephemeral horizons.

Risorgimento is afoot;

men and women as our lovers

alike champion for Italy’s union;

a harmony blessed by fleeting moments

such as theirs. Time for them

is scarce as lira in peasant pockets,

but monetary limits rent no land

in their minds. We marvel in their story, 

redolent of Shakespeare’s great loves:

star-crossed but effortlessly in adoration;

a love that makes one’s heart ache

with the heaviness it leaves on your chest

when it melts away like moons in our mornings.

And our beloved couple here,

learns the lesson of fiery passion:

that flames burn out, no oxygen, no life.

Lovers flee, feelings dull. Chaos will bring

end to infinity, but there is promise:

Hayez cements their affection in oil;

nimble strokes remember a love

always destined to fade away.

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