Editorial Staff

Editor in Chief: Brynna Hall

“I am a rising senior at Vanderbilt, studying US History. I have always had an immense love and respect for the arts and for artists. I believe that writers have a unique threshold for inter-artistic collaboration, for and as we speak, we create art with our words, and as writers write, we document that art. I want to see the Vanderbilt Review become an even more established and respected platform to bring forward the art (of all varieties) which is already happening on campus; in creating a review, we aren’t making art, but bringing together that which is already being made around us. I believe that the Vanderbilt Review as an organization can do that off the page, and become a forum for the creatives of this talented campus to showcase, share, and experience the art we have within us.”

Managing Editor: Ali Kominsky

“Greetings friends! I’m Ali and am so thrilled to be a part of this beautiful community. I am a rising senior majoring in English. I want to work with the Vanderbilt Review to create a compilation literature and art that shows the magical creativity the students of Vanderbilt possess. I hope to bring my skills I have acquired over the years as an English major to help fabricate together a piece of work that will sparkle with love, beauty, and represent the intellectual creativity of our campus. I am looking forward to fusing my love of literature and art with all of you! “

Poetry Editor: Zach Gospe

Prose and Fiction Editor: Krishna Ammisetty

“Hi there! My name is Krishna Ammisetty, and I am very excited to be the prose editor this year. I am from the little town of Pikeville, Kentucky, and I am a senior at Vanderbilt majoring in English with a concentration in Creative Writing. I love reading in all its forms, but I particularly love novels. Of the books I’ve read recently, my favorite has to be Midnight’s Children by Salman Rushdie.”

Art Co-Editor: Julia Lubarsky

“I’m a rising sophomore studying Engineering Science and Art at Vanderbilt. As a photographer / artist I’ve been making and studying art for a bunch of years. I believe that art is an integral part of the human experience, and my favorite part of being on The Vanderbilt Review team is having the power to bring art into people’s lives. There is an extraordinary amount of artistic creativity as well as artistic curiosity on this campus, and The Vanderbilt Review is the perfect platform on which to connect the two. This year’s edition was so incredible because of all of the hard work that everyone put into each and every step of the process and I am so incredibly excited for the work we have ahead of us.”

Art Co-Editor: Justine Kaemmerlen

“I am a junior at Vandy studying Human and Organizational Development and Economics. Ever since I was little, art has been one of my biggest passions; I was always begging my parents to sign me up for art classes and to take me to the art museum. Even now, as I’ve grown up, these are still some of my favorite activities (catch me at the First Saturday Art Crawls!!). Some of my favorite artistic outlets are photography, painting and drawing. I think that the arts, in all capacities, have a unique ability to bring people together, make bold statements about the issues facing our society, and to garner social change. Therefore, I think that having publications like TVR  on campus are vital since they expose our community members to the passions of the people right here at Vandy. I hope that in the coming years we can continue to spread the word about the publication and help it grow even more in popularity!”

Media and Event Coordinator: Jackie Olson

“I am a Sophomore and majoring in German and Economics-History. I am from Sarasota, FL. My hobbies include watching foreign films and traveling with my family in an RV. I once won a contest on ‘wobbling’ (that dance), lol. (these things are always super awkward.) I was on the poetry committee last year and I love writing and reading!”