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Hattie and the Sun

Peter Brown, Hattie in the Yellow Room “My life is quiet. I have no desire to see people, and I feel as though I am waiting for something new and strange which will burn the unburnt side of my soul.” Kahlil Gabran and Mary Haskell  Hattie and the Sun  She sits  legs crossed,  sheets rumpled…
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Reflections on a Hotel Bathroom Mirror

I get up early to shower.  The bathroom is cramped, the mirror positioned  so as to be unavoidable.  I encounter my body, Awkwardly,  Like an old friend I should have texted back.  “It’s good to see you,” I say, and smile thinly.  We look at each other,  Strangely.  She’s changed, I think— Maybe—I don’t know. …
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Fading Moments of The Kiss

Francesco Hayez, The Kiss Stolen moments of segregated silence  meet these lovers in a breath of peace. Savoring the halo of light,  the man and woman embrace. For a moment, their revolution romance is the center of their world. Stars, moon, and sun align to watch these lovers kiss, as if it is their last…
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An Interview with Vanderbilt MFA Student Kiyoko Reidy

Kiyoko Reidy is an MFA candidate in poetry at Vanderbilt and the former editor in chief of The Nashville Review. If you were to write a short biography of yourself, what would it say?  I am from Knoxville, Tennessee originally. Then I went to school at UW Madison , where I majored in engineering. (*Laughs*)…
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A Body

by Alexa White, class of 2023

Three Poems on Being in Love

by Michael Bruebach, Poetry Staff I If you are early to rise, youmay witness the peak of small crested smile with daybreak;pillows frame her outline like clouds to the light You may be lucky enough to see reruns of sweet dreamsThrough groggy eyes rich with sleepAnd something maybe more peaceful.  If you are early to…
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Marlon Brando

by Alexander Mills, Class of 2023 My grandfather once took me to see Elia Kazan’s A Street Car Named Desire  He was a Hercules in stature  and a Hollywood stunt-man in profession  It was at the local Birmingham cinema  We sat four rows from the back and he devastated two large boxes of milk dudsin under forty seconds …
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