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TVR Launch Party 4/19

Our launch party for Volume 36 of The Vanderbilt Review will be on Tuesday, April 19! Come hear from our contributors, grab your copy of the magazine, and celebrate the creativity of Vanderbilt’s student body.  We’ll be providing catered dinner from Martin’s Barbecue and Radical Rabbit. The event will run from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. in Alumni…
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Hattie and the Sun

Peter Brown, Hattie in the Yellow Room “My life is quiet. I have no desire to see people, and I feel as though I am waiting for something new and strange which will burn the unburnt side of my soul.” Kahlil Gabran and Mary Haskell  Hattie and the Sun  She sits  legs crossed,  sheets rumpled…
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Finding Your Creative Freak on Campus

As I walked back to Commons on a fine fall afternoon, there it was, a strip of trees! However this was not just any couplet of trees, it showered —no, dare I say… tinkled—on its unsuspecting passersby with leaves (imagine a firehose dunking on a building but much less violent). It was then that it…
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Reflections on a Hotel Bathroom Mirror

I get up early to shower.  The bathroom is cramped, the mirror positioned  so as to be unavoidable.  I encounter my body, Awkwardly,  Like an old friend I should have texted back.  “It’s good to see you,” I say, and smile thinly.  We look at each other,  Strangely.  She’s changed, I think— Maybe—I don’t know. …
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The Last Birds

The birds are gone, Elliot thought idly, watching the gray deadness above. He couldn’t recall when, exactly, he’d stopped seeing them, only that they must’ve disappeared like the rest of the world: fading into the depths of consciousness until they became mere dreams. If he closed his eyes now he could escape to where the…
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Fading Moments of The Kiss

Francesco Hayez, The Kiss Stolen moments of segregated silence  meet these lovers in a breath of peace. Savoring the halo of light,  the man and woman embrace. For a moment, their revolution romance is the center of their world. Stars, moon, and sun align to watch these lovers kiss, as if it is their last…
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Creativity Through Coreography

Dance has been an integral part of my life since I was young. But choreography? That was intimidating. When I got to Vanderbilt and joined Vitality Dance Company, I was nervous to choreograph for other people. But with the encouragement of my dance friends, I started choreographing regularly. And I enjoyed it more than I…
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The Contributors

This is a story about Wendell. Wendell is a businessman located on the corner of the West End’s drive-through Starbucks. His hours are 7am to 6pm almost every day. Since establishing his small enterprise in March 2020, he has become beloved by locals who pass him in his folding chair with his backpack full of…
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Artist Spotlight: Linh Nguyen

TVR’s art editor Angelina Chung interviews student artist Linh Nguyen about her experiences as a creative and the series on parallelism she shot this September depicted below. To begin, can you tell me a little bit about yourself? Your background, major, what you’ve been up to? L: I am a senior, doing a bunch of…
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Staff Applications for the 2021/2022 Edition Have Now Closed

Staff applications for The Vanderbilt Review closed on Friday, September 24th. The magazine is still accepting prose, poetry, and art submissions for the 2021/22 edition until Saturday, December 4th. Keep up with the instagram (@thevanderbiltreview) and this website for updates, blog posts, artistic and literary content, and more!