How To: Find Home (Corona Edition)

By Laiba Fatima, Prose Editor When school ended prematurely in early March, my boyfriend and I decided to stay through the end of the semester until he bought himself a flight back to South Korea three weeks later. In all fairness, it was a decision we had made together after I had inspired in him…
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Fun With A Magazine

By Emily Kopec, Editor in Chief More than I like actually reading, I like buying books. So here I am, recommending a book I haven’t actually read yet: Factories of Knowledge, Industries of Creativity by Gerald Raunig. In this book, Raunig draws parallels between factories and universities, asserting that the role of the university is…
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Summer, 2011

By Darius Cowan, Managing Editor This is a piece about when summer actually felt like summer instead of whatever this is. This weird period of Zoom meetings and cancelled plans, and staring at the same walls every day. When the black boy with the brown eyes and leaves in his hair and face splattered with…
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The Return to Journaling

Like hordes of introspective individuals before me, I decided to buy myself a journal for quarantine. I have always held journal-writers in high regard. I imagined them gripping a mug of imported chamomile tea and flourishing a fountain pen with the gusto of an enlightened up-and-coming. There they’d sit, minding their own business from the…
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The Vanderbilt Review 2020/21