Eric Ponce’s Top 25 Albums of 2020

by Eric Ponce, Prose Staff Oh boy another top 25 end-of-year list and another person using self-deprecation to introduce their pretentious aesthetic preferences in listicle form. Reviews are so last millennium but music is the only good thing that happens anymore so here are some records that moved me this year. Just to save some…
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An Estimation of a Young Man

by James Blair, Prose Staff It’s odd to see yourself expressed through someone else’s eyes. So rarely do we scrutinize ourselves in our entireties: we are so often focused on a singular aspect—an outsized nose, unruly eyebrows—that when somebody reconstructs us for our own subjective viewing, we are jarred to see what they emphasize and…
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Hobbies and Phone Cases

by Angelina Chung, Art Staff With winter break, I now have ample time to relax and enjoy my hobbies. I could be watching TV shows, reading webtoons, making beaded rings, planning to bake cookies and all that fun stuff, but I decided to do something that I have been wanting to do for some time:…
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Pond Surveillance

by Parker Smith, Class of 2024 Doodling during class is more or less a tradition for me. I taught myself to draw in 4th grade social studies and haven’t stopped since. In this one (completed during an online lecture), I started with the fish in the middle and then worked outward, imagining that I was…
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Playlists to Read to

by Thanvi Dola, Prose Staff Everyone reads differently. Maybe you’re the type to work through a book for weeks, chewing on each word and turn of phrase ad nauseum. Or perhaps you like to inhale your reads, turning pages until the sun rises over their edges. Maybe you prefer reading Stephen King on a stormy…
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Collage Collection

by Asya Azkin, Class of 2022 I create handmade collages using recycled magazines, most of them from the 60s and 70s. I have always been fascinated with the color schemes and photography styles of that era, as well as sustainability in general, so I combine these two concepts to create upcycled collages.

Poetry & My Grandfather

by Annie Mahaffey, Prose Staff My grandfather and I love to talk about poetry.  When I was growing up, we didn’t always have much common ground to converse about. He was and is very kind, and interested in my school activities, and how my hometown football team was doing, but that was about the extent…
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A Body

by Alexa White, class of 2023

Three Poems on Being in Love

by Michael Bruebach, Poetry Staff I If you are early to rise, youmay witness the peak of small crested smile with daybreak;pillows frame her outline like clouds to the light You may be lucky enough to see reruns of sweet dreamsThrough groggy eyes rich with sleepAnd something maybe more peaceful.  If you are early to…
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by Julia Nahley, Art Staff Hey guys! My name is Julia Nahley and I am a senior double majoring in Studio Arts and Economics at VU. I am part of the art staff at TVR and have loved being involved in such a creative group of people that can celebrate the work of students passionate…
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