An Interview with Vanderbilt MFA Student Kiyoko Reidy

Kiyoko Reidy is an MFA candidate in poetry at Vanderbilt and the former editor in chief of The Nashville Review. If you were to write a short biography of yourself, what would it say?  I am from Knoxville, Tennessee originally. Then I went to school at UW Madison , where I majored in engineering. (*Laughs*)…
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The Contributors

This is a story about Wendell. Wendell is a businessman located on the corner of the West End’s drive-through Starbucks. His hours are 7am to 6pm almost every day. Since establishing his small enterprise in March 2020, he has become beloved by locals who pass him in his folding chair with his backpack full of…
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Artist Spotlight: Linh Nguyen

TVR’s art editor Angelina Chung interviews student artist Linh Nguyen about her experiences as a creative and the series on parallelism she shot this September depicted below. To begin, can you tell me a little bit about yourself? Your background, major, what you’ve been up to? L: I am a senior, doing a bunch of…
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Staff Applications for the 2021/2022 Edition Have Now Closed

Staff applications for The Vanderbilt Review closed on Friday, September 24th. The magazine is still accepting prose, poetry, and art submissions for the 2021/22 edition until Saturday, December 4th. Keep up with the instagram (@thevanderbiltreview) and this website for updates, blog posts, artistic and literary content, and more!

Staff Applications and Submissions for the 2021/2022 Issue Are Now Live!

Interested in joining The Vanderbilt Review as part of the poetry, prose, art, or layout boards? Apply to be on the 2021/2022 staff here! Got prose, poetry, drama, art, or photography to submit? Do that too!

Listen to Our Poets Read Their Work

It is so powerful to hear writers read their works aloud, speaking their words how they intended them to be heard and enjoyed by audiences. We’ve collected audio recordings of our poets reading their work aloud to capture their unique voices. Please enjoy and feel free to follow along with the pieces in our magazine.…
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The 2020-2021 Review Is Here

The staff of The Vanderbilt Review is ecstatic to announce that our 2020-2021 magazine is finally here! Read the incredible work by our incredible authors, poets, and artists now below.

It Begins with the Idea

by Abigail Forsythe, Poetry Staff Since I made the decision to major in film, I’ve been reading up on the best strategies for getting my foot into the door of the industry. Of course, I also had to pick one of the most difficult career paths to be successful in: screenwriting. Now, if you Google…
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Warm Revisits

by Lilly Zheng, Layout Staff I thought I knew Beijing well. The hot weather. The constant scent of car exhaust. The short breaths. The clogged lungs. I used to walk the familiar paths around my grandparents’ apartment complex, looking down along the river bank at the trash floating in the water. Sometimes, I’d even see…
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Don’t Tell Anyone You Read This

by Lauren Maresca, Poetry Staff On an episode of Book Riot (a great podcast all about book news, highly recommend), one of the co-hosts, Rebecca Joines Schinsky, presented the challenge to read a book and not tell anyone about it. To read a book and keep it a secret. She clarified not only to not…
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The Vanderbilt Review 2020/21