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Staff Applications for the 2021/2022 Edition Have Now Closed

Staff applications for The Vanderbilt Review closed on Friday, September 24th. The magazine is still accepting prose, poetry, and art submissions for the 2021/22 edition until Saturday, December 4th. Keep up with the instagram (@thevanderbiltreview) and this website for updates, blog posts, artistic and literary content, and more!

Staff Applications and Submissions for the 2021/2022 Issue Are Now Live!

Interested in joining The Vanderbilt Review as part of the poetry, prose, art, or layout boards? Apply to be on the 2021/2022 staff here! Got prose, poetry, drama, art, or photography to submit? Do that too!

Warm Revisits

by Lilly Zheng, Layout Staff I thought I knew Beijing well. The hot weather. The constant scent of car exhaust. The short breaths. The clogged lungs. I used to walk the familiar paths around my grandparents’ apartment complex, looking down along the river bank at the trash floating in the water. Sometimes, I’d even see…
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Fun With A Magazine

By Emily Kopec, Editor in Chief More than I like actually reading, I like buying books. So here I am, recommending a book I haven’t actually read yet: Factories of Knowledge, Industries of Creativity by Gerald Raunig. In this book, Raunig draws parallels between factories and universities, asserting that the role of the university is…
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