Author: Eric Ponce

Eric Ponce’s Top 25 Albums of 2020

by Eric Ponce, Prose Staff Oh boy another top 25 end-of-year list and another person using self-deprecation to introduce their pretentious aesthetic preferences in listicle form. Reviews are so last millennium but music is the only good thing that happens anymore so here are some records that moved me this year. Just to save some…
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4 Love Stories, Summer 2020

by Eric Ponce, Prose Staff, Class of 2022 Rapture David Estrella. Mexican-Jewish, really wonderful cultural intersection, with the different attitudes of both peoples—mix of confused infatuation with and crippling fear of death, a veiny, gimcrack pride, a litany of complexes, not all of them detrimental to his well-being and general success, a demonstratively suppressed sexuality—and…
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